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i paid for my "coverage"(thats a joke) in full when i purchased my car. It was preowned, so i thought better safe than sorry.

Boy was i sorry. The car broke down in october and was not fixed until December. Noone, myself or the shop could ever get a hold of a rep, they never return calls, and i had to pay for some things myself b/c i needed *** done dammit! I was never provided with any transportation, and it is a pain to find rides to a full time job for 2 *** months!

I have been promised a refund check for some of the work. hello 2 months later. Still no sign. out of $1200 of work, they paid about $300.

This policy cost me almost $3000! They are scam artists.

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I am looking at a Continental Warranty, Inc. brochure right now, explaining their "Gold" coverage.

I am so glad that I found this page before making any commitments. I don't have any problems with the IDEA of after market warranties but apparently, there are companies out there that simply take your money for the plan and then do little or nothing when it is time to make good no their end.

Thanks one and all for these comments. You saved me a bundle!

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