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Continental told me that if I didn't buy from them, that they would "blacklist" my VIN and prevent me from getting a warranty anywhere else for 6 months!As if other warranty companies wouldn't sell to me because I didn't buy from Continental.

They also told me that if I called back, that the original price wouldn't be honored because by calling a second time I was considered a fraud risk.

Finally, he indicated that it was against my state's law to show me the contract before buying!The person I spoke to was named Kirk.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Chatham, New Jersey, United States #23481

I have a used car and they tried to pressure me to buy before I even needed a warranty.

I said why cant i wait until I am broken down first, maybe I will never need it?

I emailed them my phone number and they called me a bunch of times, man why would they do that just because I filled out the form>?

If you are reading this and you agree with these complaints you are ignorant and a sheep

Winchester, Indiana, United States #18666

I already made a downpayment of $295 for the Freedom Plus coverage, and I still have about 25 days to cancel.I have read on etoo many negativethings about this company on this site and others that I will have to call them and request a refund.

Even though you read the rebuttals and you know that not everyone could be satisfied by a great customer service; but there seems to be too many compliants of rip-offs and such associated with this company.I'll have to cancel.

Chatham, New Jersey, United States #16976

I have 2 contracts with this company but on 2 other vehicles have went with my manufacturer, I have used the warranty before, its a good warranty. I have gotten a quote from them and told them no before. They are up front about it, they tell you that the first time they offer you the contract you are low risk, so I think they are honest about how they sell their product.

How many of the people complaining about them have used their service?

I have never had a problem.

Port Neches, Texas, United States #16915

I agree. They tried to get me to pay $245.00 before sending me any information in the mail.

Greenfield, Illinois, United States #16805

I received one call yesterday from Continental Warranty and was told I had signed up for their service.I asked the representative for Continental Warranty to remove me from their call list.

I received three more calls today from this company. I got the company information and called back. I was told my number was on their do not call list. I went to the North Carolina Attorney General website for the Do Not Call list and filed an online complaint.

I would suggest others do the same with their state.Three calls in one day!

Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #16646

Yes, you are right. I got a call from them and almost the same thing happened to me. They forced me to make a purchase. But, I said I need some time, I cannot go ahead and pay rite now. Or send me the details of your plans through email or mail. The manager said I wasn't good at answering? can't say that..I would say he's not talking good to customers..the way is - they should ask if I would like to purchase their service or not.but its just like forcing and I said thanks,,byee....

some companies try to force you but we should act the other way around..If I like it I will buy or else I wont..because we are the one paying them and be able to afford the money for w/e they offer..

Also, I have seen Wadie Ripoff report - useless warranty company Malibu California.

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