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My engine went up and they are refuseingt to pay as i see on line now they are a complete ripp off i am going to sue them oand go after them for everthing i can. DO not get a warranty from this company there whole business plan is to steel from customers then deny there claims.

Please what ever you do do not buy a warranty from this company they will steel from you. they will not pay for any thing that goes wrong I worked with guy with a british accent he is a real fast talker and will do anything to make you think that they are right but he is a complete liar.

I am going to make it my lifes mission to bring this company down.

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I have delt with the same *** and his name is Stan, he's a first class jerkoff *** ***...its now day 37 and my truck is still in the shop. I catch this *** in so many lies, he hangs up on me when i call him, can you belive that.

Let me know how it goes with the lawsuit cause thats my next move. We have to all get together and take them down i just found out that there a small company in delaware about ten employees, scamming all of us.


How can this be they have been out of business since 2008??????

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