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My first experience was ok, so I bought two more. HUGE MISTAKE.

They gave the repair shops complete run-around; said my car did not have the covered equipment it clearly had; delayed authorization for 6 weeks; and denied rental because it was not the same date as original diagnosis (their fault). Next contract, we had to go to 6 shops for a diagnosis, and no one could give one that Continental approved. We spend over $600 on the diagnostics, which we never got back. Finally, it was determined the main computer malfunctioned.

Only through repeated and aggravating requests to Continental did anything get done. Work done on our credit card was not reimbursed for another 6 weeks, after many phone calls.

All repair shops said the contract was awful, and more expensive than better ones.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Muntinlupa, Rizal, Philippines #1205915

Timely blog post , I loved the info - Does someone know where my company could possibly access a blank IRS W-3C document to edit ? > and


My GM warranty was about to expire. Continental Warranty sold me a $2200 plan 4 years or 100,000 mile with the "same type of bumpere to bumper cover that I had from General Motors.

Heating elements burned out and cost $900 to replace, Continental said it was not covered. I guess these heating elements were some how outside the bumpers.


I will definately get a class action lawsuit against them, I had 3 cars under this warranty and nothings covered. I am filing a complaint against Royal that had to know they were scamming people. I'm sending a letter to the Atty Generals office in CT

Chatham, New Jersey, United States #23519

Great American Insurance company directly insures Continental Warranties plans, Premier Dealer Services is a claims administrator, Jenna maybe you should read your contract and pay someone to help you with the words bigger than 5 letters.

Paka, Terengganu, Malaysia #22086

continental warranty will tell you they are backed by great american insurance company, while their subsidiary company, premier dealer services is an administrator continental uses. what this means is that the warranties they sell are not insured by great american even if they tell you on the phone. READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY!!!!!

Chatham, New Jersey, United States #20803

This company just paid a $5,000 claim for me and I referred my brother and he showed me this website.

I cannot believe these people are complaining, they always have treated me square.


Chatham, New Jersey, United States #15782

I made a claim two weeks ago with this company and I am suprised to read this feedback. I had to pay $138.90 out of a $1,600.00 claim. I must be one of the lucky ones !

I hope my luck continues.

Chatham, New Jersey, United States #13034

I have used them a couple of times, it took a little while the last time but they have paid me a large amount of claims on my car. I am suprised to read these bad experiences, I hope my next claim goes just as good as my last three.

Galesburg, Kansas, United States #12431

i signed up because it sounded like a good deal. After calling around i cancelled 2 weeks later because it wasn't sucha good deal after all.

I was told i would be refunded my money back to my credit card withen 3 to 4 weeks. It still hasn't been refunded everytime i call they say they can see it scheduled to be put back on and it will be the next week. I'm pissed.

They were quick to take it out the same day but it's a *** hassle to get back. Wheres my money?

Keene, North Dakota, United States #6740

I purchased two warranties, one for my vehicle and the other for my wife's. Both my wife and I were going through medical issues last spring dealing with potential cancer consequences when I had a breakdown with my Tahoe.

With all that was going on in our lives, I forgot about the extended warranty from Continental. When things settled down, I remembered and sent in a claim with the detailed explanation of why I had overlooked the warranty. I was told that where I hadn't had things done through their procedure that it was not to be reimbursed. I had a second claim that I did follow and they said that the key switch was not covered.

I told them to cancel the contract and prorate the money. I got a letter, after weeks of faxes to them, saying that a refund was not in my contract. I just had my A/C pump go and the repair facility called for authorization and was told that the contract was not in effect. I called Royal and was told that it had been canceled do to my request.

I told them that if no refund was possible, why would I cancel it. I was told to call Continental directly to dispute this. When I talked with Brian Olsen at Continental, I was told that the refund checks for my accounts were to be cut on April 27 2008. I had sent the cancelation notice to them on 7/5/07.

I told him that this was bordering on the criminal. He told me to send an email and he woulld forward this to his supervisor which I did do. I also told the supervisor to call me, hd didn't, that I expected the checks to be cut that day and sent overnite and that interest should be included. I sent a second email stating that the money should direct depostied to my account as they had withdrawn it that way initially.

This is now 3/29/08 and I have not heard from them. I will be contacting the NH Banking Commission and the NH Attorney Generals Office on Monday and after talking with them, I may be looking for the sleaziest lawyer that I can find. Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

Contact me. I do I connections to a Personal Injury lawyer who a movies was made about.

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