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I'm fighting this right now. I bought the full coverage (Gold) top of the line with $100 deductible.

I have this in writing. My starter died and I found out from the dealership that Continential Waranty will only cover $75 of the $120 labor charge of the dealership. Nothing in writing states this limitation. I've read their waranty booklet through and through.

I called and asked to speak with a manager. Not there. They refer to Royal administrator. Hit customer service on the phone and Continental states that they are updating their customer service department.

Meanwhile my car is sitting at the shop waiting for payment.

I have two policies with Continental. If they value me as a customer, they had better honor their contractual agreement.

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I got in touch with someone at Continental. Actually a rather nice person. He showed me in the contract where it states the labor rate of a repair facility is based on a national average or average costs for similar repairs. Now think about this for a moment. This is open ended. I called up 5 dealerships and even small repair facilities in my area and none of them would accept this low ball $75/hr repair fee. The lowest I got was $105 for this particular repair on my vehicle. The one small repair even told me about the "all data" service that provides this info to the shops to base their repair costs on the make, model, engine size, etc of the car. When I asked Continental how I can find this figure in advance, I was referred to the administrator of their plan (Royal). Royal's customer service person would not reveal how I could find out in advance what the labor charge of a particular repair would be even if I knew what needed to be fixed in advance!!!

So, in sum, my future true cost of this policy after the cost of the plan will be the $100 per incident deductible + any difference in the labor rate between what Royal feels like covering and what the real average is for my area times the number of hours for the repair.

For this one repair of mine 2.5 hours, it cost me an additional $82. While not a large sum of money, it still would have been nice to know that additional funds are still required even when coverage is supposed to be full. It also means that I will need to contact facilities in advance of doing a repair to find the lowest hourly rate for repairs.

I feel "Royally" screwed right now even though it could have been worse. Pun intended.

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